How To Use Fire Title Tool

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Getting a good rank on eBay is not one of the easiest things to do.
Fire Title Builder is an easy-to-use SEO-friendly tool made for dropshippers by dropshippers to make product listings on eBay gain more visibility.
The tool is primarily used to analyze a listed product and generate a number of Search Engine Optimization friendly keywords that can be used to create impactful titles for your products, thus improving their rankings drastically.
The Fire Title Tool is primarily used for listings on eBay but can be used for general dropshipping websites as well. 

How To Use Fire Title Tool

How To Use

The most significant advantage of using the Fire Title Tool is that it is free for all.
You don’t have to pay even a single penny to get the most trendy and SEO-rich keywords from the huge database that Fire Title Builder carries.
Moreover, the Fire Title Builder tool is also elementary to comprehend.
There isn’t much that goes into understanding its working and you’ll be up to speed with its functioning within a matter of minutes.
Some of its key benefits include:

  • Speedy search of Keywords
  • Improving the rankings of eBay product listings
  • Increased number of sales on eBay

If you are wondering how to use the tool, here is a detailed guide for you:

  1. Firstly, make a selection from a number of product listings made by you.
    You can select a product from any of the niches.
  2. Press the Search bar and allow the algorithm of the fire title tool to do its work.
    For example, if you search for neon LED tube light, SEO-friendly words such as dazzle, neon-pink, etcetera appear on the page.
  3. You can then select from the list of keywords available to you for your product.
    Generally, the most popular keywords are ranked higher, and the less popular ones follow.
  4. You can then use these keywords to structure a title that is SEO-friendly and is catchy as well.
    For example, out of the words available for a neon LED light, you can create a title like: ‘Dazzling Neon LED Tubes’.
  5. On constructing a trendy and descriptive title, you copy the title to your clipboard and add it to your product listing.
  6. On adding the title to your listed product, you post the product on eBay and allow the internet algorithm to do its work.
    The competition for the first rank is cutthroat; hence you must use your discretion when it comes to selecting from the plethora of keywords available to you.

Final Thoughts

The Fire Title tool builder is comparatively new and has started to gain popularity ever since.
The tool is highly effective and appeals to many as its usage is free.
Its easy usage makes it relatable to most dropshippers globally.
It also allows you to use your creativity and discretion as well when constructing a title.
Hence, making things easier and enjoyable for you.
So, if you’re a newbie dropshipper (or even an experienced one) who’s looking to ramp up their sales and inbound leads, get your hands on this tool today!