Title Builder: How does it work?

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Content and title optimization are two critical aspects of doing business online.
If you run an online business, it is important to use the right keywords to drive increased website traffic and help potential customers find the items easily.
Title Builder Tool facilitate title creation of different products for online marketplaces and E-commerce such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and others.

Besides, to fight the fierce competition, it is vital to ensure that all the elements of your online store stand out, including the title.
It is where a title builder tool comes into the picture.
Let’s dig deeper.

How Does A Title Builder Tool Work?

Let’s say you deal in keyrings on eBay.
When your customers search “keyrings” on eBay, they’ll come across several listings from the different stores selling the same product.
As a result, customers are more likely to buy from the listings on the result page’s first page.
And it’s the keyword-optimized content that helps the listings of the front page to stay ahead in the competition.

Title Builder tool

A title builder tool uses SEO to get you an increased number of views and higher profits.
It involves using a particular set of keywords that trigger the site’s algorithm for making the products with those specific or related keywords appear on the front page.

For example – You want to list an iPhone for sale. On typing “iPhone” on the Title Builder tool, you get keywords like Apple, Case, Gold, Max, Pro Max, Cable, 64GB, etc.
Here the generic keyword is “iPhone,” which has high competition as many people use it while searching for the product.
To beat the heat of competition, you’ll need to use a long-tail keyword such as “Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Gold Case”.

However, it is to be noted that the software only highlights the number of words used by people while searching for a product or “related product” for which you want a title optimized.
As a seller, it’s your responsibility to bring these words together can create a catchy and relevant title.

How To Use A Title Builder Tool?

A Title Builder tool is easy to use. Follow the steps listed below to bring this tool to your business’s benefit.

  • Select one of the products you are selling that needs a title.
    Go to the homepage of any Title Builder tool and search for keywords for that product.
  • The list that appears on the result page will feature the most popular and least popular keywords people use when searching for that item.
  • You can create a proper title using those keywords, and voila, you’re done.
    Your SEO-optimized product title is ready.


A Title Builder is an ideal option for internet sellers to meet their affiliate marketing and SEO goals.
This keywords tool uses updated statistics and shows results of trending/popular keywords from various sources.
The keywords recommended by this software for your product titles can change your online game completely.